Hi-Tec Altitude Pro Lite RGS on Lincoln Island

We were honored to become 2016 wear testers for Hi-Tec. Our first adventure was to Lincoln Island in the Alexander Archipelago.  The Alexander Archipelago is a 300-miles (500 km) long archipelago, or group of islands, of North America off the southeastern coast of Alaska. It contains about 1,100 islands, ...continue reading

We started reviewing products in 2004 when we were publishing Paw Prints The Magazine. The magazine was a lifestyle magazine who's target audience was pet owners. During those years, we discovered that every manufacturer wanted us to write a story about their product. Knowing that if we did that we would lose readers we started a featured section in the magazine called Stuff We've Tried. Every review we published, we actually put the product to the test. Being owners of multiple dogs and cats, we felt we could give our readers a fair assessment of the products tested in a real world scenario.

Over the years, we expanded the products we reviewed from pet-related to now including outdoor gear, clothing, and footwear. We live an active lifestyle here in Southeast Alaska. The products we use need to withstand the weather and rugged terrain you find here.

If you have a product that you would like to get in front of our audience, (we have over 40,000 followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook), here is how it works.

We never accept payment for a review, however, we do ask that the manufacturer donate the product/products for review. Do not expect to get he products back. The reason is that we actually put the product to use and when we are done with it, many times the product can be in pretty rough shape. Some reviews will take up to a few months before the review is published because we are using the product (It is hard to review a hiking boot only wearing it around the house).

We always try to fair to the manufacturers in our reviews as we understand that things sometimes happen that are not in our control. We will never slam a product in a review unless the manufacturer is overstating the capabilities of their product to us and the consumer.

stuff we've tried

Sea Eagle Explorer 420X Inflatable Kayak

Let me start by saying Stacy and I are not avid paddlers, in fact, neither of us has ever sat in a kayak. I have been on several canoe trips and I hate to say it, I am a novice at best. The last trip I was on was about 30 years ago so I am sure time has not... continue reading

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