eagle beach hike
 We were hoping to sleep in this Sunday morning but like most days, Drover had a different idea. No alarm was set to go off, and at 5:45 the sound of dog tags jingling caught our attention. Drover decided it was time to go out for a potty break. I told Stacy I would go, so off with the covers and to the sliding glass door we went. After he did his business it was back to the bedroom and under the .... continue reading

The World’s Best Way to De-Stink Your Pet
By Stacy E. Smith

The weather is warm, however briefly, and you and your pets are spending more and more time outdoors – on hikes camping, and in Juneau, much of that time may be spent near water. This also happens to be the time of year we’re all bound to find “expired” fish on shore, so the odds of Fido getting into something smelly have increased exponentially. Continue reading

drover's first kayak ride

by dale e smith


Forecast for Sunday was 54 and sunshine. A forecast of
sunshine was a welcome change from the last 11 moths of unseasonably wet weather we had. So we didn't have to portage the kayak so far to the water this time, we decided to leave around and an hour prior to high tide.... continue reading

Paw Prints The Magazine

r.i.p. seamus

Even sunny 80-degree weekends in a rain forest can be bad. Stacy was off on Saturday and I was at work. Our daily routine was as normal as any other day. When I arrived home from work on Saturday afternoon, Stacy had mentioned that Seamus wasn't feeling well and had been drooling and had some mucus he was coughing up. I didn't think it was anything to get alarmed about. Seamus was getting up there in years and had been ... continue reading 

kayaking with sawyer (his 1st time in a boat)
 The weekend forecast was sun, sun and more sun. When you get that kind of weather forecast living in a rain forest you quickly decide that the usually run to Fred Meyer and Costco can wait. You also put off as many household chores (laundry, dishes, vacuuming etc.) as humanly possible. .... continue reading

dogs are not pack animals!

by dale e smith


That’s right, dogs are not pack animals. Backpack manufacturers will tell you to limit the weight in your pups backpack to no more than 25% of the dogs body weight. I have to take exception with their recommendation, let me explain... continue reading

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