jodie and joan 07.25.15

We had more visitors from Kansas City come in town. Jodie and Joan had come up on an Alaskan cruise and Juneau was one of their ports. Stacy had a nail appointment that morning so I picked Jodie and Joan up downtown and gave them the local tour of Juneau. 

They didn't have much time in port so we kept the

tour short and sweet. Fist stop was breakfast at

the Sandpiper (best breakfast in Juneau). Prices

will let you know that you have arrived in Alaska

but even though it is pricey, it is well worth it.

After breakfast, we headed to Auke Bay and I took

them on a walking tour of the harbor.

By this time, Stacy was done with her nail

appointment, so we swung by the mall and picked

her up and headed to the glacier. After the time

spent at the glacier, we took them back to downtown where we said our goodbyes. 

Like everyone that comes up, we have since heard from them now that they are back in Kansas City and they tell us how they miss Alaska.

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