man overboard

Thursday, July 28th 2016, a day two people will never forget. 

I awoke that morning at 2:58, the alarm was set for 3:00, I guess anxiety woke me up early. I was meeting my friend Tim at Stater Harbor in Auke Bay at 4:30 to head out halibut fishing. We had gone on this trip a few times together. Today we left early because he had to get back by noon to take his kids to ... continue reading

top ten reasons we love it here

I saw on Facebook where a person’s friend asked him to list the top 10 reasons he liked living in Alaska. Although the person with the list lived in Butte, an area between Anchorage and the Matt-Su Valley, (Anchorage it’sself is no longer considered a good qualifier of Alaska by most Alaskans, even those who call Anchorage home), he pretty well summed up my thoughts on the top ten as well... continue reading

the silver run 2015

August and September in Juneau are part of the rainy season. August also lets you know that Autumn is here. I know that sounds odd to those in the lower 48 as August is still summer break and everyone is at the pool, going to the lake and so on. Here is Juneau, August is when there is a good possibility that you'll have a fire going in the fireplace before Labor Day gets here. The flannel shirts start coming out of the closet... continue reading

kayaking with sawyer (his 1st time in a boat)
 The weekend forecast was sun, sun and more sun. When you get that kind of weather forecast living in a rain forest you quickly decide that the usually run to Fred Meyer and Costco can wait. You also put off as many household chores (laundry, dishes, vacuuming etc.) as humanly possible. .... continue reading

last evenings sunset
 We had the wettest July in the cities history this year so the last few days have been a pleasant change. We set a record on Monday at 80 degrees and yesterday was around 79. The sun was out and it made for a great evening to fire up the grill and toss some burgers on. What really made the day stellar was at sunset when the sky looked as if it were on fire ....continue reading

eagle beach hike
 We were hoping to sleep in this Sunday morning but like most days, Drover had a different idea. No alarm was set to go off, and at 5:45 the sound of dog tags jingling caught our attention. Drover decided it was time to go out for a potty break. I told Stacy I would go, so off with the covers and to the sliding glass door we went. After he did his business it was back to the bedroom and under the .... continue reading

my largest halibut yet
 I decided to take off Wednesday and go out with my buddy Lars and do some fishing. The cohos are starting to run, and I have not yet caught a halibut this year. I met Lars at 7:00, we loaded our gear and headed to the docks. It was overcast and raining and should be a good day to fish. We got the boat launched and headed out for Cordwood Creek on the west side of Admiralty Island's Mansfield Penninsula. It is about a 1.5-hour boat ride from the marina.... continue reading

salmon snagging
So yesterday our visitors got back on their ship, that leaves today, Sunday, to me. I headed down the street to Fish Creek pond to do some snagging. For those who don't know what snagging is, here is an... continue reading

bears, bears, bears
For whatever reason, we have had a rash of bears in our neighborhood this year. In the two and a half years we have been here, we had only seen a couple of bears. Since July 1st, we have seen 5, a couple of them were up close encounters. We caught some video of a few of them. Hope you enjoy... continue reading

more visitors from kansas city
We had more visitors from Kansas City come in town. Jodie and Joan had come up on an Alaskan cruise and Juneau was one of their ports. Stacy had a nail appointment that morning so I picked Jodie and Joan up downtown and gave them the local tour of Juneau... continue reading

Images of our home
some images of our place from different angles and in different seasons... continue reading

i once caught a fish and it was this big! 
This is not the story of the big fish I caught, rather it is the story of the one that got away. We had friends, Keith and Laurie, in town visiting from St Louis. Stacy couldn’t take vacation while they were here, so I played tour guide, trip planner and fishing guide. I have a friend here that has a boat so naturally I called upon him to take the Cooley’s and I out on the water to catch fish. We went out the day after they arrived and mixed... continue reading

fishing with lars 
Southeast Alaska is made up of a chain of islands called the Alexander Archipelago. To travel anywhere, you have to take a boat or plane. Since moving here, I had not got to see much of this place other than what is around the Juneau road system. That isn't much since the road... continue reading

r.i.p. seamus

Even sunny 80-degree weekends in a rain forest can be bad. Stacy was off on Saturday and I was at work. Our daily routine was as normal as any other day. When I arrived home from work on Saturday afternoon, Stacy had mentioned that Seamus wasn't feeling well and had been drooling and had some mucus he was coughing up. I didn't think it was anything to get alarmed about. Seamus was getting up there in years and had been ... continue reading 

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middle aged in the last frontier

We invite you to follow along as we document our middle aged journey through life. Stacy and I had owned a business for almost a decade, I had been through a battle with cancer, twice, I won both. We were magazine publishers, radio talk show co-hosts and my children were now young adults starting their new chapters in life and well... I had also turned 50 so we set our sights on a new chapter in life for ourselves. Moving to and living in Juneau Alaska.
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