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post xmas vacation
december 31, 2014

Here I sit in a quiet house. It is 7:30 in the morning,
Stacy took off for work and I am on vacation today.
There is a nice warm fire going in the fireplace and the dogs are sleeping all around me. My original plan was to deer hunt today and tomorrow but I looked at the updated weather forecast and it doesn’t seem like a good idea.... continue reading

more visitors

september 20, 2014

This summer ended up with all kinds of visitors coming to Alaska. First was Stacy’s cousin Aki and her family. They were up on a cruise and after the “beer and bicycle” they went on we connected with them at the “Hanger”. We sat for drinks and a meal and after catching up we took.... continue reading

a schoolie

august 5, 2014

I am thinking of looking at buying a school bus. We
have been in Juneau for over 2 years and have yet to
go camping. I love to tent camp but here in Juneau it is raining all of the time and tent camping in the rain is well… wet and miserable. The other thing is... continue reading

a hawaiian came calling

july 5, 2014

It was mid june and I got a call from an old friend, Ken White. Ken and I met in 2002 in Dallas Tx. We were both in training working for Verizon. He was in the Hawaii office and I was in the Kansas City office. Other than a few short years of playing in the same fantasy football league together, we really hadn’t spoken in almost a decade... continue reading

12.20.14 another deer hunt comes up empty
december 22, 2014

Here it is December 22nd and we still have only had one snow this season. The ski lifts aren’t running and even worse, the deer haven’t come down out of the alpine. It is 40 degrees and raining but we believe that will change the day after Christmas, the forecast is for snow. That will give us 6 days left in the season to deer hunt.... continue reading

lincoln island deer hunt 08.27 through 08.31 2014
september 1, 2014

Alaska is kind to the outdoorsman. Here in Juneau deer season runs from August 1 through December 31. You can harvest 4 deer in that time period. Little did I know that Juneau was also the hardest place to hunt deer in Alaska... continue reading

our work

march 1, 2014

The job that brought me here was short lived. It lasted until March 2013. I ended up helping Stacy at Un-Cruise as a contractor. I helped on the docks, supplies and even hospitality.
While I was doing that we looked into starting a local shopper... continue reading

middle aged in the last frontier

mixed breed media