Sunday with Sawyer

Saturday with Drover

sawyer's first kayak ride


The weekend forecast was sun, sun and more sun. When you get that

kind of weather forecast living in a rain forest you quickly decide that the

usually run to Fred Meyer and Costco can wait. You also put off as many

household chores (laundry, dishes, vacuuming etc.) as humanly possible. 

Saturday after breakfast we loaded up Drover, the kayak and headed to

the south end of our island to an area called Sandy Beach. It's called

that because, well, it is the only beach in Juneau that has sand. The area

sits just south of the bridge and downtown Juneau.

We carried everything to the waters edge and as Stacy kept Drover

occupied, I got the kayak ready to go. We hopped in and started

paddling south, down the Gastineau Channel. We had not gone this

direction until today. It is the area that the large cruise ships come up to

port in Juneau. 

There was a lot of boat and plane traffic and as usual, Drover was a bit

anxious on the ride. We went about 2 to 3 miles down the channel

(about an hour of paddling) and decided we would head back to the

beach. Tomorrow was going to be another journey and we didn't want

to be too worn out.

Sunday morning we again got ready to go, this time we were launching

from the house. I gathered everything up and took it to the yard while

Stacy got sawyer in his life jacket. This would be his first time in a boat,

it could have been very interesting.

Once I had the kayak inflated and the seats in, we started leading Sawyer around the boat. With some treats and a gentle nudge to his backside he hopped in... and hopped out. It only took a few minutes and a few treats and he got in and stayed. Once we managed that, we led him to the water and dragged the kayak into the drink. He was pretty hesitant this time. He was in the water up to his knees so he wasn't real sure what we were asking him to do. Again, some treats and a nudge on the hind side and he jumped in. Stacy got in quickly and I turned the kayak and pushed off and away we went.

It took him a while to get his sea legs under him but once he did, he laid down and made himself at home. Thank goodness for a large kayak, 120 pounds of pooch in the kayak is quite a shocking sight. 

middle aged in the last frontier

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