fishing with lars 


Southeast Alaska is made up of a chain of islands called

the Alexander Archipelago. To travel anywhere, you have

to take a boat or plane. Since moving here, I had not got

to see much of this place other than what is around the

Juneau road system. That isn't much since the road

system only has 200 miles of paved surface. 65 miles of

that 200 are made up of two roads, the Douglas Highway,

which is the main road on the island I live on, Douglas,

and Eagan Drive. Eagan is the main highway on the

mainland and is 50 miles in length north to south.

I went fishing with a friend on his boat last

Wednesday, we were on the water for 13 hours and only caught one rockfish. The fishing was bad, but the trip for me was fantastic. We launched at 7:30 that morning and headed out. We were going to Excursion Inlet. Excursion is 39 miles from Juneau to the northwest. That is 39 air miles, getting there by boat we have to navigate around a few islands which made the trip closer to 50 miles. 

We were cruising along between 14 and 30 mph

depending on the water conditions. There were

some rough patches but overall it was a pretty

nice ride. We made a few stops along the way

and in roughly 90 minutes we were there. I had

not been to this area before so I was excited to

get to discover new areas to sight see and fish.

We were anchored at the mouth of the inlet

and this is where we caught the rockfish. While

fishing there we also had a humpback whale

swim by.

After a bit, we pulled up the anchor and headed

off toward the next island,  Chichagof. We ran

south passing by Hoonah and stopped just

before we would have made the turn to head

to Tenakee Springs. On this leg of the trip, we

ran into an Orca with 2 calves, and a pod of

porpoises feeding next to our boat. We

anchored to fish for a while and they circled the

boat, jumping, splashing and swimming around


We also ran up on what we originally thought

was a huge flock of sea birds sitting on a huge

log in the ocean. We approached closer and

discovered they were not birds and we thought

they were a large group of sea lions. The group

was enormous, it looked like a fur carpet

floating in the water. When we got up close

enough to make them out, they were sea

otters floating on their backs locked arm in

arm. It was a very cool sight.

There was still a few hours of sunlight left but

since the fishing wasn't good we decided to pull

in our lines and head back to the boat launch. On the way, we couldn't resist stopping by and saying hi to a group of sea lions. Even when you have a bad day fishing, the wildlife and adventure make the day worth the effort.  We are getting ready for friends of ours to come stay with us for 9 days. They arrive on Wednesday and we are going to try and pack in as much of the sights, sounds and adventures as we can.

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