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Me with a coho salmon I caught from my backyard in 2015 during the salmon run. It's nice to come home from work, put on your waders, grab some tackle and fish from your backyard.

Devoted: 38 Extraordinary Tales of Love, Loyalty, and Life With Dogs Hardcover – October 1, 2013

dale smith

father, husband, hiker, backpacker, camper, hunter, fisherman, outdoorsman, writer, photographer, marketing dude, publisher, voice talent, social media dude, sales guy extraordinaire, former talk show host, cancer survivor (twice) and middle-aged in the last frontier.

Born and raised in Kansas City, I graduated from Hickman Mills High School, trekked off to Europe after graduation and came back to attend SMSU, (now Missouri State). After college I got married, I owned my own business,  had three kids (Courtney, Kyle and Luke), got divorced, sold my business, began working in the publishing and advertising industries and got married again; to Stacy. All the while I owned Arabian Horses, a pot-bellied pig and the more traditional dogs and cats. One day the company I was working for decided to eliminate its KC office, gave us a severance package and told us to hit the road. Instead of going to work for someone else – again, my wife, Stacy, and I decided to take the money from the severance package and start Paw Prints The Magazine. Stacy was traveling for her job when we cooked this up and I called her one night in her hotel room and told her I’d collected our first check from an advertiser and it was time for her to quit her job. We did it!

That was 2004, since then we had added a radio talk show, a website, was featured on Geraldo at Large and Inside Edition, was a paid photographer for Fox News and was lucky enough to have photography published by National Geographic, I survived stage 4b cancer in 2007/2008, survived stage 1 melanoma 2009, and closed the business in October 2012. That month we moved on to a new adventure in Juneau Alaska. I accepted a position running the weekly features paper in Juneau. I am now the Director of Marketing for the Nugget Mall here in Juneau. This position allows me to spend time what I enjoy doing... getting outside, why else live in Alaska, right?