My friend Chuck with his first Alaskan Salmon. He has been in Alaska for two years , a very proud moment.

30 minutes after work and I have dinner for a few weeks. This salmon produces around 7 pounds of meat.

middle aged in the last frontier

mixed breed media

the silver run 2015


August and September in Juneau are part of the rainy

season. August also lets you know that Autumn is here. I

know that sounds odd to those in the lower 48 as August is

still summer break and everyone is at the pool, going to the

lake and so on. Here is Juneau, August is when there is a

good possibility that you'll have a fire going in the fireplace

before Labor Day gets here. The flannel shirts start coming

out of the closet also, and yes, I have been wearing flannel

since the middle of August.

It's also the time that the coho's start running. We are

fortunate that where we live, the salmon runs go directly

through our back yard. We have the kings and chum in early

summer, then the pinks and now the coho's. Starting the last

week of August, the run became prominent behind our

house. I finally decided that I would grab my gear and head

down to fish over labor day weekend.

I have been having great luck. Last Saturday, I had some

friends with me, between the three of us we pulled in three

silvers (coho) and two trout. Sunday I caught four silvers,

Monday, and Tuesday after work I caught one each

evening. Last night, I wasn't so lucky, I ended up getting

skunked. I also had a surprise, as I was standing waist deep

in the North Pacific, I had that uncomfortable discovery that

my chest waders I was wearing were leaking. I wondered the

day prior if they were because I had some damp spots on

my jeans I wore under them. Yesterday, however, I definitely

had a leak. 

Now I need to find out whether it is a seam that is leaking or

there is a hole from something. I guess I'll hang them in the

bath tub and fill them with water to find out. That should be


With the waders out of order, I guess I am glad we have a few

days of monsoon rains, that will give me a chance to find the

leak and hopefully fix it. It may cause me to miss the end of

the run but that's ok, it is also deer season so instead of

heading down to the channel with a rod and reel, I'll head

across the street into the forest with a rifle.