Over the next three years we grew our website and our radio show and we dove head first into social media. In 2012 we even started the print magazine up again, this time as a high gloss quarterly magazine.

September of 2012 I was offered a position that I couldn't refuse. My wife and I talked about it and we closed up shop and moved to Juneau Alaska. We had never been to Alaska and I guess we were ready for a new adventure. It is now April 2015, and we love it here in Juneau as do our pets but we missed our media company. So seeing that our Twitter page we worked so hard to grow has over 34,500 fans we decided we would re-launch the company that we so loved doing.

In the navigation at the top you will see various pages:

  • Paw Prints The Magazine - This where you will find everything pet.
  • Middle Aged in the Last Frontier - This is our blog about us, we are middle aged in the last frontier.
  • 907mag - 907 is a new concept for a magazine, you will find articles, stories, videos and photographs from in and around the 49th state.
  • Paw Prints Live - This has a podcast of all of our radio shows and we will put up any new podcast we do in the future.
  • Product Reviews - We have product reviews on pet products and gear and also outdoor products and gear.  

presses. We decided to try a different approach and we redesigned and re-launched our website in the beginning of 2009 and by September we started a radio talk show called Paw Prints Live.

We embraced our new found love. We were now radio talk show hosts. 

May 2004, Volume 1, Issue 1, as you can imagine we were very excited. In the next few months we had a US congressional candidate on the cover and in August we had Kansas City Chief and pro-bowler Tony Richardson on the cover. We had grown to an astonishing 40,000 copies in circulation. In our first three years we had local radio and television celebrities on our cover and even Sex and the City star Kristin Davis. We went down and covered hurricane Katrina, won a graphics award for our December 2005 cover and wrote stories on a prison feline program in the Indiana State Prison and a prison dog program in the Lansing State Prison in Lansing Kansas. The Lansing story would later get us featured on Inside Edition and Geraldo at Large when the head of the Lansing Prison dog program would help a convicted murderer in the program escape in a dog crate. They were on the run for over a week and arrested after a high speed chase in Tennessee. They are now both in prison for a very long time.

In 2007 we had to take a hiatus, I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck, I had late stage 4 cancer. For the next year and a half we focused on my health. By May of 2008 we fired the presses back up and started printing again. By November of that same year we felt the effects of the great recession, we once again stopped the 

Stacy had a background in the entertainment industry in Hollywood and I had a background in advertising sales. I handled the advertising sales and business end and Stacy was charged with editorial and audience. Stacy was still working a full time job. She traveled around the country for two weeks every month. She was writing articles and doing research about pets and pet ownership in her spare time (usually at night in her hotel). When she would get one finished she would email it to me. I spent my days finding places that would distribute our magazine and selling ads into it even though we had not printed a single copy yet. I also was learning how to use a computer program to publish a magazine, something I had never done before. By March of 2004, I had collected enough revenue from advertisers to go to press, and our first copy of Paw Prints rolled off the presses at the end of April.

It would be another 4 years before that simple conversation would change our lives completely. Stacy and I married in 2002, we were both in jobs we really didn't enjoy and in September 2003 I was informed by the company I worked for that they were closing the Kansas City office and we all were to be laid off. 

I did what every person is supposed to do when you are laid off, I started looking for a job for months. After interviewing with several companies about dead end positions we decided that we would dust off our old idea we had while drinking green beer and put a pencil to it to see if it stood a chance. We took my severance package and started a little Kansas City pet magazine called Paw Prints. 

mixed breed media


Mixed Breed Media started as an idea being tossed around between my girlfriend at the time, Stacy and myself, Dale Smith. It was St. Patrick's day 2000. We were sitting on a patio at a local pub in Kansas City Missouri having the traditional green beer.

While driving to the pub we saw a yard sign that was promoting a pet event in town that had happened the day before. Being that we were both pet owners we thought, wouldn't it be great if there were a magazine in town that would inform you what there was to do with your pets around town prior to the event actually happening?